Ian Milner FCA 
Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers

Other tax services


Many small company shareholder / directors choose to be remunerated and rewarded for risk through salary and dividend arrangements.

Payroll and CIS legislation is complicated and has to be done on time; as an employer, you remain responsible for any mistakes. 

We have software capable of dealing with weekly, monthly, 4 weekly, and annual payrolls, and can provide a tailor-made service for your business, which incorporates the making of monthly CIS returns, as necessary*. 

Our service includes the provision of payslips, monthly summaries for accounts purposes, P45 forms and year end P60’s, compliance with Pensions Auto-enrolment, and submission of pension scheme returns, as appropriate to each employer. 

We can also assist you to prepare forms P11D, where the need arises. 

*Please note: We are unable to a payroll bureau service for companies with more than ten employees, or to offer a CIS ONLY tax repayment service. We can in many cases refer you to other firms who do offer such services. Neither do we provide a P11D only service. 


Compliance with VAT legislation is complicated; tax enquiries in this area can be particularly demanding, and there are substantial late filing and late payment penalties, which increase in amount based on the number and frequency of late filed returns. 

This makes it all the more important that your Value Added Tax returns are properly completed and filed. on time. 

We can help you to complete your books and records and review your VAT arrangements to ensure you are using the correct VAT rates, and the right VAT scheme, suitable to your business. 

We can also help you with HMRC enquiries and offer an annual fee protection service to our clients, to cover the cost of our services.